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1.2.1 - 09/25/2007

Support for LSL 1.18 added (new)
The grammar and highlighting has been upgraded to LSL 1.18 syntax.
Missing syntax elements added to parser and highlighting (bug)
The syntax expansion for event at_rotate was missing as well as parser support for some constants.

1.2.0 - 07/16/2007

Support for LSL 1.16+ added (new)
The grammar and highlighting has been upgraded to LSL 1.16+ syntax.
ANTLR grammar and runtime has been upgraded to official 3.0 version (new)
ANTLR v3.0 has been officially released now and it's library has been upgraded from the previous beta support.

1.1.11 - 03/16/2007

Parser type check of variables fixed (bug)
Non initialized globals caused exceptions thrown.
Content Folding disabled in case no annotations active (bug)
In one case the editor did not provide an annotation model, to avoid exceptions the content folding is disabled then.

1.1.10 - 03/03/2007

DoubleClick behaviour fixed (bug)
Double click (or OS equivalent) did mark strings very "unconventional", this has been fixed. The behavoiur is now the same as in the Java editor: DoubleClick after '{','(','[','"' or before '}',')',']','"' marks the whole interior.
Trailing space with constant expansion (bug)
The trailing sapce with constant expansion has been removed.

1.1.9 - 02/08/2007

Dynamic syntax expansion (new)
Support of userdefined functions and variables (in scope) during autocompletion is the main deliverable of this release.
Variable checking (new)
Variables used without being declared beforehand are now treated as error. Typechecking is not yet included.
Document model rewrite (chg)
The document model has been changed to a common base for all exploiters (content folding, outline view and auto completion). This lays base for switchover to AST.

1.1.8 - 01/31/2007

Template support added (new)
There was a request for template support open, which now has been satisfied in a first stage. AutoCompletion (<ctrl>-<space>) for control flow is now available via templates. In addition there is a preference page, where the templates can be changed and user templates can be added. There are templates available for events, which are not default enabled. For events the "old" AutoCompletion is still available in parallel.
I have added some nice icons for syntax expansion and outline view
- use mouse hover to see what these stand for. - 01/29/2007

Incomplete source distribution fixed (bug)
The source distribution now contains .classpath and .project files and a missing properties file has been added as well. See Development for details on project import and goto →Download access the package

1.1.7 - 01/24/2007

Code formatter added (new)
A simple minded (no config / no templates) format action has been added to the editor's context menu
Text hover function finalized (new)
For events and functions the syntax and an usage explanation is now shown as hover information
Parser did not accept negative float values (bug)
This was at least the case in vector/rotation initializers

1.1.6 - 01/16/2007

Many of the new ll* functions aren't on the ctrl-space (Tracker ID: 1635161)
The known functions have been updated to lslwiki level
Several event templates use void parameter (Tracker ID: 1635142)
The obsolete void has been removed
Global variables initialized with hex-value produce error (Tracker ID: 1635140)
The lexxer and parser have been fixed. Hex values are now recognized fine.

1.1.5 - 01/13/2007

Event http_response added to grammar and to auto completion (bug)
This event is missing in the LSL docu part of the client installation and hence was not recognized by myself.
Incomplete while expansion (bug)
On auto completion the while loop was missing parantheses
Enhanced auto completion (chg)
Auto completion now inserts complete syntax for events and for functions. Instead of function names only now parameters and/or types are inserted as well. The info window now displays the event/function description.

1.1.4 - 01/11/2007

Plugin dependency problem fixed (bug)
Because of a bad dependency the plugin did install fine in Eclipse SDK 3.2.1 but was unable to start and work.
This problem does not exist with the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP).
Wrong feature update site (bug)
The 1.1.3 feature pointed to my private (password protected) update site, therefore "Find and Install...→Search for update of the currently installed features" does not work, use "Find and Install...→Search for new features to install" instead.

1.1.3 - 01/09/2007

Auto Indentation (new)
Indent new lines according to previous lines and standard tabwidth
Error Markers (chg)
Can be switched off now via preference page: de-/activated on next save
Auto Completion (chg)
Indent control structures according to standard tabwidth

1.1.2 - 01/03/2007

Initial features
Syntax Highlighting
Auto Completion
Content Folding
Error Markers via Integrated Parser - thanks to ANTLR!
Outline View

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