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Current version is 1.2.1!

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ByronStar SL is a project which - as its ultimate goal - will provide an eclipse based integrated development environment for SecondLife (see Initially the focus is on text editing for Linden Scripting Language featuring:

This is all based on the eclipse 3.2 text editing framework and implemented as an eclipse plugin in Java. Besides completion and extension of the editor capabilities and introduction of a SL project nature, the manipulation of SecondLife 3D graphic objects is an important topic which will be addressed in this context as well.


The project has been initially deployed to SourceForge - there is a file distribution available for a local update site and a source package (→Download). In addition there is since January 2nd 2007 an Eclipse Update Site online in the project web - the usage details can be found here. A micro documentation is here.

Enhancements and new features have been added continously - see Changes for details. It is my intent to keep this pace in the future - so if there are suggestions and wishes these are apprecciated.

The features mentioned above are already implemented and working. The plugin has been exposed to a growing community in the meantime and proven it's quality.


SecondLife and Linden Scripting Language is property of Linden Labs.

In case of problems, questions or for any other feedback please contact ByronStar.

Layout and design of this WebSite (whatever one's opinion might be) is my personal development as well.

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